The following photographs represent one aspect of the Hewlett-Packard Premier Support Program. Service technicians for resellers repairing were provided hands on experience to enhance their skill in repairing LaserJet printers. This was a "traveling road show."

A full event consisted of 16 printers used over three days. On a couple of occasions, because of high demand, classes ran Tuesday through Saturday. Normally they ran Tuesday through Thursday. Monday and Friday were travel and setup days.

I was part of the program 1989 - 1992.

Before we got cases, printers were moved in boxes. After a few shipments, the boxes needed to be replaced. The boxes did not offer very much protection for the equipment.

This equipment was headed to Tampa from Orlando. Juan, in shipping worked out very economical arrangements.

A truck this large was not necessary, but the price was right.
After we got cases, things were arranged differently. Boxes usually contained the manuals, anti static pads, tools, etc. By this time, all printers, except 2 duplex models, were in cases.
Equipment during setup in San Juan.
Equipment cases and boxes after setup in Tampa.
With one printer removed --
there was space for the toner cartridge under the printer. The foam pads were under the printer. This helped protect the printer.

When the design of the cases was considered, it was more economical to have a larger case that could accommodate two printers. Size, weight, shipping cost were all items for consideration in determining what type of case to have built.

The overall dimensions were given to the manufacturer for estimating purposes. Prior to final construction, one of each type of printer was shipped to the case manufacturer for final sizing. The printer was returned in the new case.

The manufacturer indicated they appreciated having the actual equipment because they could get the best fit.

This also allowed them to make cut outs for lifting the equipment.

Case closed. It was also helpful to have a business card taped to the case. We never lost a case.

Contact case manufacturer

The classroom setup waiting for students. This location was San Juan.

Locations worked - Atlanta, Phoenix, Ft. Lauderdale, Tampa, Houston, Raleigh, Birmingham, Orlando, Dallas, San Juan, Austin, San Antonio, New Orleans. There may have been others. Some cities were visited more than once.

Updated 10/16/2001 - Fred Stone